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6 month triplets update September 12, 2011

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Daniel and I had two completely different goals we desperately wanted out of life. These two things we wanted more than anything at all. They were:
1. Dan’s goal was to have weight loss surgery. (completed 09/10/2009)
2. Jess’s goal was to have children. (02/18/2011)

Update on both:
#1: we just celebrated Dan’s two year anniversary from surgery. He has lost in 2 years, 259 pounds. He is going so good. He has so much more energy these days (little did we know when goal # 2 was fulfilled he would need it). He looks awesome, feels great, and doing well!

Goal #2: The triplets are 6.5 months old. They are very busy! They are not crawling yet, but Annica and Blaine can scoot and roll anywhere they want to go. Eli is rolling over from belly to back, but not conquered the reverse yet. Eli said his first word first of the three, Blaine was second, and Annica 3rd. The boys first word was Momma and Annica’s was Da Da.
We have overcome being preemies! In 6 months the have grown in weight from 4.7, 4.14, and 5.5 pounds to 14.0, 17.5, and 14.10 pounds. Eli is still the littlest, then Annica, and Blaine has taken lead for first in weight. He is also the longest, but I don’t know measurements right now. Elijah’s heart is doing better. The murmurs are practically gone and the aortic coratation (narrowing in the main aorta) is starting to widen on it’s own. Anyone that has held Elijah always makes mention of the way he breathes and eats his bottle. He finally showed this at a doctors appt and was referred to a Pediatric ENT. They discovered that he has Laryngomalacia. This is where the cartiledge behind is epiglottis is not mature and when he breathes it flops into his airway. So his airway is partially obstructed causing him the slight difficulty. The Dr said he should out grow it by 18 months.
We have had the opportunity to come home to AR several times in the last three months. Our first trip was when the trips were 3 months. Thanks to Aunt Bambi (Buffy Kay Bland Terrell) getting married we have been home 3-4 times, but a total time at home of about 3 weeks. The first trip we were there for 2 weeks and the second trip was for a week. Third trip was just me, no babies, for the weekend. The fourth trip was for the wedding, we stayed 4 days in AR and then left with my mom (OMA) and went to SC. We are headed back home Wednesday night after being in SC almost 3 weeks. As I type, we are driving to Savannah Georgia. We are going to Tybee Island to take the babies to the beach. In Savannah we are going to try to find the bench that Forest Gump sat on and let the triplets set there for a pict. We are also going to try to find the Bubba Gump Shrimpin Co.
Well, I guess that’s it for now.
Until next time (hopefully not as long till next post)

Have Faith and Never Lose Hope!


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