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6 month triplets update September 12, 2011

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Daniel and I had two completely different goals we desperately wanted out of life. These two things we wanted more than anything at all. They were:
1. Dan’s goal was to have weight loss surgery. (completed 09/10/2009)
2. Jess’s goal was to have children. (02/18/2011)

Update on both:
#1: we just celebrated Dan’s two year anniversary from surgery. He has lost in 2 years, 259 pounds. He is going so good. He has so much more energy these days (little did we know when goal # 2 was fulfilled he would need it). He looks awesome, feels great, and doing well!

Goal #2: The triplets are 6.5 months old. They are very busy! They are not crawling yet, but Annica and Blaine can scoot and roll anywhere they want to go. Eli is rolling over from belly to back, but not conquered the reverse yet. Eli said his first word first of the three, Blaine was second, and Annica 3rd. The boys first word was Momma and Annica’s was Da Da.
We have overcome being preemies! In 6 months the have grown in weight from 4.7, 4.14, and 5.5 pounds to 14.0, 17.5, and 14.10 pounds. Eli is still the littlest, then Annica, and Blaine has taken lead for first in weight. He is also the longest, but I don’t know measurements right now. Elijah’s heart is doing better. The murmurs are practically gone and the aortic coratation (narrowing in the main aorta) is starting to widen on it’s own. Anyone that has held Elijah always makes mention of the way he breathes and eats his bottle. He finally showed this at a doctors appt and was referred to a Pediatric ENT. They discovered that he has Laryngomalacia. This is where the cartiledge behind is epiglottis is not mature and when he breathes it flops into his airway. So his airway is partially obstructed causing him the slight difficulty. The Dr said he should out grow it by 18 months.
We have had the opportunity to come home to AR several times in the last three months. Our first trip was when the trips were 3 months. Thanks to Aunt Bambi (Buffy Kay Bland Terrell) getting married we have been home 3-4 times, but a total time at home of about 3 weeks. The first trip we were there for 2 weeks and the second trip was for a week. Third trip was just me, no babies, for the weekend. The fourth trip was for the wedding, we stayed 4 days in AR and then left with my mom (OMA) and went to SC. We are headed back home Wednesday night after being in SC almost 3 weeks. As I type, we are driving to Savannah Georgia. We are going to Tybee Island to take the babies to the beach. In Savannah we are going to try to find the bench that Forest Gump sat on and let the triplets set there for a pict. We are also going to try to find the Bubba Gump Shrimpin Co.
Well, I guess that’s it for now.
Until next time (hopefully not as long till next post)

Have Faith and Never Lose Hope!


4 months old June 27, 2011

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Well it’s been busy to say the least! The triplets are 4 months old and doing great! Annica and Blaine came home from the hospital with me and Elijah stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks due to not drinking his bottle. He caught RSV from the NICU but didn’t know it until 7 days after he came home. We ended up taking him to local ER and he was sent via ambulance (rode without mommy=sobbing mommy) to children’s in OKC. To make a long Story short all three spent separate weeks in the hospital. Long three weeks for mommy. Were all better now, but took almost three months to get over. Annica coos and talks all day long, Blaine is always moving, Elijah is very laid back, but eats the best with a spoon. Annica weighed in at 4 months at 11.15#, Blaine was 14.2#, and Elijah is 11.13#.

A year ago yesterday we made the decision to transfer 3 embryo’s in hopes to get one baby. Today I hold all three in my arms. Thank you Jesus!

Have faith and never give up hope!


February 1, 2011

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Happy New Years December 31, 2010

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Well, it’s almost 11:00 and I am working very hard to stay awake to bring in the New Year!  I have so much to be thankful.  2010 has brought so many dreams come true for me, and I know that 2011 is going to continue to fulfill those dreams.  I remember exactly where I was this time last year, and the thought of being pregnant at all was nothing more than a hope that maybe someday.  I had almost given up hope.   After 3 years of hoping, praying, and many many dollars in negative pregnancy test, I didn’t understand, but really began to think, maybe I was one of the ones that wasn’t suppose to have children.  I could never understand why God would create a burning desire and an unforseen love for children within me, if it was to never come to pass.  Now, 365 days later, I am setting here, as big as a house…lol not only pregnant, but pregnant with triplets; for those of you who don’t know, two boys and a girl.  I owe everything, all praise, and glory to Jesus Christ.  For he has allowed me to be the mother of these precious children.  

I can so relate to Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:27: For this child (children in my case) I prayed and God has given me the desires of my heart. 

I know that our life is about to drastically change, and although it’s a little scary, I pray that we will always walk in the will of God.   I pray that we will seek Him first in all things, and that I will be the very best mom and wife that I can be. 

Thank you Jesus for all of the answered prayers in 2010 and I pray that we will be everything that we need to be in 2011.  Please help us to be always put you first, help us to be great parents to these miracle babies that you have growing inside my womb.  They are not even born yet, but I place them in your hands.  You have given them to us, and we want nothing more than for you lead us in raising them to love you with all of their heart. 

Before you were conceived, I wanted you

Before you were born, I loved you

Before you were an hour old, I would die for you

This is the miracle of love

For all of you still waiting on your miracle, remember, we don’t always understand, but God is always right on time.  He hears your prayers, he sees your tears.  Cast your burdens on Him, for He cares for you.  I know that it’s not easy, I have been there.  I am praying for you and pray that 2011 will be your year.  Expect greater things to come in 2011.

Until then,

Have Faith and Never Loose Hope:

Jessica and the triplets.




28 Weeks December 23, 2010

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Well, we have made it to twenty-eight weeks.  It seems like only yesterday that we were expecting.  Then two weeks later we found out that we were expecting triplets.  Overall time has flown by.  I went to the doctor on tuesday December 21, 2010 and had a really good visit.  I have gained a total of 27 pounds and my blood pressure was good.  He said that I was doing really good.  I was proud to hear that.  He listened to the babies heart beats, said they sounded good, and took me off work until the after the delivery.  He didn’t put my on any major restriction, but told me that he wanted me to take it easy for the time being. I go back next week for a glucose test and for a third trimester ultrasound.  Then the following week, I will have my 30 week appt and start seeing him every week until the babies are born.  It’s hard to believe that we only have aobut 6 weeks left.  I am still amazed at how amazing God is and how he has kept his hand on me and the babies through this whole experience.  I know that they are going to be amazing children and all blessed and highly favored by God.   

Please continue to pray for us as we hit the home-run stretch.  This part is exciting, but it’s also getting to the hard part.  Not to complain, but just as a prayer request, please pray that I can rest and rest comfortably.  I’ve done pretty good, but the past few weeks, it’s been really hard to get comfortable even to sit, much less sleep.  I know that is part of it, but I also know that God can provide me the rest and relaxation that I need at this point also.  Also pray that God will continue to bless us with finances.  He has provided in miracoulous and amzaing ways and I know that He will continue, but now our Faith is being put into action with me not working.  I have no fear, but put my Faith and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has always provided and I know that He will continue to provide.  We do; however, appreciate your prayers.

Until next time,

Have Faith and Never Loose Hope!

Jessica and the triplets!


26 week update December 14, 2010

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Well, I am now 26 weeks along, based on the goal of 34 weeks, I am only about 8 weeks away from the arrival of the triplets.  I am getting very anxious, a little nervous, but mostly just ready for them to be here and be healthy.  About three weeks ago, I woke up having contractions, after calling the nurse line, Daniel and I left Duncan and headed to OKC to the hospital.  We got to the hospital and was monitored for almost 7 hours.  I had two shots of Brethine and a couple episodes of throwing up.  They came up from ultrasound and did an ultrasound of the babies (just to check their heart rates), they said with three, it’s hard to be sure that they have each separate heart rate, instead of getting a combined heart rate.  Everything seemed to be fine, my contractions stopped and it was diagnosed as being very dehydrated.  I went home and the next day had what I thought was more contractions.  Dr. Kallenberger’s nurse told me go back to Labor and Delivery.  I went back, this time they were not showing up as contractions on Monday, but cramps.    To make a long story short, they diagnosed me with the stomach flu, and that was what was causing the contractions.  I have been fine since then, with no contractions.  I have noticed that I am starting to get really tired and have less and less energy.  I went to the doctor on thursday 12/09.  Everything looked really good, I have gained a total of 23 pounds and my blood pressure was 110/60.  He said that he is going to start limiting me at my next appointment.  I’m kind of sad about that, but also kind of happy.  I have such a hard time making it through the whole day.  He also said that if I make it to 34 weeks, he will monitor me and let me carry the babies until there is a reason to get them out.  The babies seem to be doing good, they are moving up a storm.  Well, I will write more after next appt and let you know what he said.

Until then,

Have Faith and Never Loose Hope!


20 week update October 30, 2010

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Hey everyone, just thought I would give you a little 20 week update. There’s not a whole lot going on this week, but if I was going full term to 40 weeks, I would be half-way there. Since I am only going to approx 34 weeks, I only have 14 weeks left. I am so thankful to God that everything has been so smooth through the first 2o weeks. I have only been sick once, that’s a miracle in its self. The babies seem to be doing well, they are moving up a storm. Not a lot of kicking yet that I can feel, but every once in a while. It’s still random movements so Dan has not been able to feel it yet. I’m hoping any day now he will be able to. A lot of times at night he will gently lay his head on my belly as if to be listening to them, and I keep hoping that one of them will kick him in the head, but so far it hasn’t happened. I go have another ultrasound on Nov 10 and a doctors appt on Nov 11 and head to Arkansas Nov 12 for my baby shower on Nov 13. I’m so excited. I’m hoping that a lot of people come so I can visit with everyone, it’s been so long since I have had a chance to see alot of the people that was on the invite list. If you didn’t get an invitation, and you are reading this, come down anyway…it’s at Havana First Baptist and it’s Nov 13, starts at 2:00.
Quick story:

Back in January when I first went to the doctor to see why we were having issues getting pregnant, a very heavy burden was placed on my heart for other couples that longed to have children and were not able to. I had to go that day over to the Fertility Institute to get a packet of information to read and some paperwork to fill out. When arrived, there was a container of braclets setting on the front desk (they were like the Lance Armstrong, Live Strong braclets). I asked if I could buy one and they told me they were free and I could have one. I took one out that day and put it on my left wrist. On the braclet it stated “Have Faith and Never Loose Hope” I wore that braclet every single day and never took it off. Every time I would look at it, I would simply pray, “Thank you God for my baby” I knew some day that God was going to answer my prayer. Through all of my treatments, procedures, office visits, etc I never took that braclet off, not once. I told myself, I was going to wear it until I was not only pregnant, but I felt safe in my pregnancy that everything was going good and then I prayed that God would lead me to a person to give it to. A person that also longed to have children and was having a difficult time.
Last sunday during church, one of the last songs that was sung was.. “Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry, while on others that are calling, do not pass me by.” During that song, I began to cry, and my attention was drawn to a young lady and her husband. I already knew they were wanting children, but I became aware of the fact that she like me at one point has set back and watched a lot of her close friends as they have made the pregnancy journey, they have had their babies, and she is still waiting on a miracle from God, and sometimes she feels like that God is blessing everyone, or calling on everyone else..if you will and praying that God does not pass her by. God spoke to me and said today is the day to give your braclet away and give it to her. Let her know what this braclet means to you and how you know she is the person that is suppose to wear it for now. So I did.
I’m so glad that God answers prayers, not just for me, but for everyone that will call out to Him and set their need known…sometimes it takes a lot longer than we want to wait, but His timing is always perfect. I love Him so much and please be in prayer for not only my friend, but there are so many couples out there that are wanting a baby more than anything and are having a hard time, it’s very frusterating and hard to go through, please remember them in your prayers.

Until next time,

Have Faith and Never Loose Hope!

Jessica and the triplets (Annica, Blaine, and Elijah)